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Solar Panels in Massachusetts

3 options are available for you to have solar panels installed in Massachusetts:


You Own Your Photovoltaic Solar Panel System

The federal incentives, MA incentives/rebates, and SRECs, are all yours. With all of these incredible incentives, home solar system payoffs are typically 6-8 years.


Power Purchase Agreement

Your electric bill is reduced a small amount, you do not receive any of the incentives, rebates or SRECs. You will have an option to purchase the solar photovoltaic system.


No Money Out of Pocket

Your electric bill will be eliminated or drastically reduced.

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The solar incentives available for Massachusetts residents are the best they ever been:

With all these great incentives, going solar is an easy decision.

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How Solar Power Works:


Solar Power in Massachusetts

As of late 2010, in Massachusetts alone, there were over 2,000 solar power installations which made up for some 22 megawatts (MW) of electricity produced within the state. The main reason why there are now as many solar power installations is because of the Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program set up by the state government. The Commonwealth Solar Rebate Program offers rebates for photovoltaics (solar panels) which in turn makes it much more affordable for many average homeowners to install them in the roofs of their homes.

The solar power rebate program began in 2007 with the goal of reaching 27 MW installed solar by the year 2010 with the aid of a $68 million budget. Further, a mandate issued in Boston set a target of 400 MW solar energy to be generated by the year 2020.

Massachusetts Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS)

In order for the 2020 target to be successfully achieved, an incentive funding mechanism was put in place named as a solar renewable energy credit (SREC). SRECs are in fact a type of renewable energy certificate which belong to those states that have Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) legislation in place. In addition to such state and federal incentives, those who own solar systems may recover their investment by selling SRECs either via spot market or long-term sales.

The prices of SRECs are ultimately dictated by market forces. These market forces determined within parameters governed by the state. A shortage of SREC supply inevitably means a rise in pricing, which in turn increases the value of both the spot market and long-term market too.



MA Cities Taking Advantage Of Solar Energy Incentives:

Massachusetts cities and towns we install solar panels in:
Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, Worcester, Lowell, Taunton, Norton, Quincy, Leominster, Brookline, Plymouth, Woburn, Randolph, Lexington, Marlborough, Beverly, Malden, Shrewsbury, Chelsea, Newton, Westerville, Foxborough, Concord, Woburn, Everett, Hudson, Milford, Waltham, Medway, Tewksbury, Weymouth, Methuen, Pembroke.


American Solar Panels

Helios Solar Works, Schott Solar, Sharp, SolarWorld, SunPower (american company, panels not manufactured in the U.S.), Grape Solar

Foreign Solar Panels

Canadian Solar, GE electric, Bosch, Evergreen Solar, Kyocera, LG Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo, Trina Solar, Renesola, Yingli Solar, Suntech, Grape Solar

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