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For a solar system to produce enough energy to justify your investment, your location should be relatively south facing and mostly unshaded from 9 am to 3 pm.

Some available options for you to have solar panels installed in Massachusetts:

1) Own

You pay outright and own the photovoltaic solar panel system.
The federal incentives and Massachusetts solar energy incentives & rebates are all yours. With all of these incredible incentives, home solar system payoffs are typically 5-8 years, roof-mounted or ground-mounted.

2) Lease

No money out of pocket.
You do not receive any of the tax incentives and rebates.
With a solar lease you agree in advance to pay a fixed monthly lease payment - think of it as a "rent" payment. This payment is calculated according to the amount of electricity generated by the system.
Your electric bill will be eliminated or drastically reduced.
The solar company owns and maintains the system.

3) Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

No money out of pocket.
Unlike a solar lease, you do not pay to "rent" the solar panel system, instead you agree to buy the power generated at an predetermined cost per Kwh (Kilowatt Hour).
Your electric bill is reduced a small amount, you do not receive any of the incentives and rebates.
The solar company owns and maintains the system.

Both Lease and PPA are very similar, and are often referred as a lease agreement.

Questions We Usually Get:

How much does it cost to install solar panels in Massachusetts?

The actual cost of installing solar panels on your roof or ground mount them varies on many factors. On average, it may cost around $15,500 to $26,000 to have a 5kW solar system installed in Massachusetts - this is before the incentives are factored in. After all tax credits and rebates are applied, then the cost may be around $11,000.

What incentives are there for solar panels?

Can I write off solar panels on my taxes?

Yes you can. You can take a credit of 26% of the total cost of installing your MA solar system and apply it to your federal taxes. As of now, this credit is available until December 31st, 2022, then drops to 22% in 2023 and ends in 2024.

Why Choose Us?

  • Top-Of-The-Line Solar Systems
    We only use the most efficient and durable solar panels built to last 50 plus years, and have insured 25 year warranties.
    We only use the best marine grade anodized aluminum mounts, best marine grade anodized aluminum capped rail racking (we are the only company using this racking system).
  • Experienced Local Installers
    Our installers are properly licensed and insured. Our company is approved by the “National Roofing Contractors Association”
    Our solar installations do not void your roofs warranty.
  • Insured and Warrantied Panels
    All our solar panels have a twenty five (25) year warranty, and are insured.
    The insurance is very important. For example, if the panel makers go out of business in 15 years, the insurance will cover your warranty for the remaining 10 years.

Why Is It A Good Time To Install Solar Panels?

The solar incentives available for Massachusetts residents are the best they ever been:

  • Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)
    26% of the cost of the solar system as a tax credit or cash grant.
  • Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART)
    This tariff based incentive program is paid directly by the utility company to the solar power system owner.
  • Residential Income Tax Credit
    15% tax credit against your Massachusetts income tax (up to $1,000).
  • Sales Tax Exemption
    MA homeowners are eligible for a 100% sales tax exemption on any solar equipment installed on a residential property.
  • Property Tax Exemption
    Massachusetts residents can take advantage of a 100% property tax exemption on photovoltaic solar systems used to generate electricity for a residence. Good for 20 years.

With all these great incentives, going solar is an easy decision.

Naturally, you'll have some questions about a solar photovoltaic system for your house.
We can help you with any questions you have.
Request a free evaluation so we can answer your questions and show you how much money you will save!

How Solar Panels Work

Solar Power in Massachusetts

As of late 2019, in Massachusetts alone, there were over 100,639 solar power installations which made up for some 2,572 megawatts (MW) of electricity produced within the state. This surpasses its aggressive target of 1,600 MW of solar power installed by 2020.

Solar Energy Data as of Quarter 1 2022:

  • Total Solar Installed (MW): 3,927
  • National Ranking: 9th
  • Number of homes that can be powered by installed MW: 659,623
  • Percentage of Massachusetts' Electricity from Solar: 20.28%
  • Solar Companies in Mass: 433 (76 Manufacturers, 158 Installers/Developers, 199 Others)
  • Solar Industry Jobs in 2021: 10,548
  • Total Solar Investment in State: $8.9 billion
  • Number Of Installations: 129,596

MA Cities Taking Advantage Of Solar Energy Incentives:


Massachusetts cities and towns we install solar panels in:

Attleboro, Boston, Cambridge, Framingham, Worcester, Lowell, Taunton, Norton, North Attleboro, Quincy, Leominster, Brookline, Plymouth, Woburn, Randolph, Lexington, Marlborough, Beverly, Malden, Shrewsbury, Seekonk, Chelsea, Newton, Westerville, Foxborough, Concord, Woburn, Everett, Hudson, Milford, Waltham, Medway, Tewksbury, Weymouth, Methuen, Pembroke.

American Solar Panels

Helios Solar Works, Schott Solar, Sharp, SolarWorld, SunPower (American company, panels not manufactured in the U.S.), Grape Solar.

Foreign Solar Panels

Canadian Solar, GE electric, Bosch, Evergreen Solar, Kyocera, LG Solar, Mitsubishi Electric, Samsung, Panasonic, Sanyo, Trina Solar, Renesola, Yingli Solar, Suntech, Grape Solar.

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