Ground Mounted Solar Panels Massachusetts

ground mounted solar system in MassachusettsFor many Massachusetts homeowners, a ground mounted solar system is a great option.

If you have some acreage to install the ground-mount solar structure, it may be something to consider.

Many people don't like the idea of having solar panels installed in their roof, especially in snowy areas like Massachusetts.

If the only thing stopping you from going solar is the reluctance to have a roof solar system, then the ground mounted option is for you.

The cons with these systems, is that they tend to cost more than a roof-mounted one and you'll need some land to place the frame on.

Types of Ground Mounted Sytems

There are two main types of ground-mount solar arrays:

  • Standard Ground Mounts - These use a metal frame secured to the ground by several poles, where the solar panels are attached to. They usually have a fixed angle and position.
  • Pole Mounted - These solar systems have multiple solar panels on a single large pole. Some even have a sun tracking system to obtain the optimum sun angle.

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