Roof Mounted Solar Panels Massachusetts

roof mounted solar system in Quincy, MassachusettsThe most common type of residential solar panels system installed in Massachusetts is the roof-mounted system.

According to SEIA, Massachusetts has 552,186 homes powered by solar energy (as off 2020), and ranks 8th in the nation for solar installations.

Solar energy provides 18.52% of the state's electricity.

These are numbers that all Massachusetts residents should be proud off.

Massachusetts residential solar energy installations will continue to grow for the foreseeable future due to the many incentives and tax breaks available to Mass residents.

Why Use A Roof-mounted Solar Panel System

Here are some of the advantages of choosing a roof solar system versus a ground solar system:

  • Roof mounted solar panel systems are cheaper than ground-mounted because they use your existing roof as the foundation.
  • They are easier and faster to install, so the cost will be lower.
  • You do not lose any of your yard or land to install the ground-mounted panels.
  • Utilizes space you are not using - your roof.
  • Easier to get permits for a roof installation.

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Roof-Mounted Solar Systems We've Installed in Massachusetts