Cost Of Solar Panels in Massachusetts

The cost of a solar panel system will depend on several factors:

  • What state and federal incentives and tax credits you qualify for.
  • How many panels you'll need to significantly reduce your electric bill.
    The higher your electric bill, the more panels you'll need.
  • Where the panels will be installed (i.e. residential roof, ground mounts, tracker, commercial roof)
    Roofs with lots of shading may need micro inverters with each panel, which increases costs.
  • The solar company that you choose to install your panels.

Typical costs of solar panels installation in Massachusetts

Size in kW Solar System Cost Cost After Tax Credits
5 kW $15,500 $10,470
6 kW $18,650 $12,801
7 kW $21,285 $14,750
8 kW $23,920 $16,700
9 kW $27,100 $19,054
10 kW $30,210 $21,355

Please note, the average costs above are just examples. Your actual costs will depend on many factors, like where are the panels being installed - roof, ground, or ground tracker, if you can get certain tax incentives, etc.

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